Video: When a female fan came to Dravid’s home and refused to leave

Sudipta / 13 July 2016

Legendary Indian cricketer Rahul Dravid was once shocked by a female fan.  Dravid is a great batsman and he is recognized as the wall of India because of his skills to play Test cricket.

Dravid is currently the India A and India Under 19 coach. He is also a member of the ICC’s prestigious Cricket Committee.

Dravid in a candid chat with stand up cricket comedian Vikram Sathye recounted a memory of his past. Dravid was one of the Indian cricketers who  joined Sathye’s “What the Duck” series. Dravid, in his prime, used to be followed by a lot of female fans. Like other Indian cricketers, he also received the affection and adulation from female fans.

Comedian Sathye quipped Dravid, “Every mother wanted you to be her son-in-law. Somewhere, you gave an impression that you would make a great husband. And your colleagues also tell me that you have a lot of female following. Any interesting stories there?”

Dravid is known for witty humor, so the 43-year-old reminiscent, “I had come back, I think from a long tour, just come back and I had gone off to sleep after reaching home in the morning and I was sleeping through the afternoon. I got up in the evening and my mom said that ‘there is a fan waiting for you.’

“She has come all the way from Hyderabad and been waiting there for about an hour and my parents had given her tea and coffee. She was just sitting there waiting for me. I went there and gave her the usual autograph, photograph and said, Hello, How are you? Oh, you’ve come from Hyderabad. It’s great.”

But the situation turned into a delicate one as she  refused to leave Rahul’s home and said she came from Hyderabad to stay at his home.

Dravid was confused and concerned about the girl as what her parent will think. But the girl was stubborn.  Dravid asked her,  “How is that possible? Where are your parents? Obviously, I got a bit upset at that stage.”

Luckily Dravid got his parents’ help who sorted out the situation.

The right-handed great, looking back at the moment, said, “I think it was a little bit of wake-up call for my parents as well. It was one of those things which was not ideal kind of situation. But, it all ended up well. So, it was ok.”

Enjoy the video here: