Video: When umpires made the biggest blunder, batsmen fooled 11 players

Sudipta / 08 December 2015

In a cricket match where both umpires are keeping a vigil eye on the every delivery and moment of the match a massive mistake was observed but except the batsmen none of the fielders and umpires have identified it. Even spectators have not seen it.

In international cricket umpiring often play a key role deciding the result of a match. At a crucial juncture of the match, a tricky umpiring decision can change the course of the match. For umpires’ part in the match turning down a right appeal and uphold the wrong are equivalent.

In a big match when umpiring decision makes everything easy for a team difficult for the another become a subject of stormy discussion among the cricket lovers and critics.



There are examples when the umpire made a mistake. Sachin Tendulkar was often given lbw and caught behind by The West indies umpire Steve Bucknor in his career.  In 2006 ICC Champions Trophy semifinal between Australia and New Zealand Bucknor upheld Australian bowler’s appeal for lbw. But when the video replay showed it was seen that balls were going over the bails.

On contrary to Bucknor, during the recent Gandhi-Mandela Test series between India and South Africa umpire Bruce Oxenford and Kumar Dharmasena held their nerve in front of noisy Indian fans when Indian spinners were appealing for out, which was literally not out.

But, here in this video you will see an epic mistake. The batsman hit the wicket while playing a pull shot. Batsman at the non-striking end has seen that batsman also got it he was technically out. But, non-striking batsman after completing reset the run set the three sticks. It is also surprising that slip fielders and wicketkeeper also did not see it. But, the question is how can the umpire miss it when his primary job is to decide out and not out. At the same time, the batsman’s decision not to leave the pitch is an example of cheating in cricket.  

Watch the video here 

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