“It (cricket)  is a dangerous game. Along with rugby and rugby league, really tough games, and motor racing, there is that element of risk,” Brian Lara was quoted as saying after the unfortunate death of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes after he was hit by a bouncer.

Injuries on a cricket field may not be uncommon, but when cricketers suffer knocks and blows, especially those that are freak and career-threatening, it sends a chill down the spine.

Standing only 22 yards away, a batsman has about half a second to decide how best to react to a missile travelling at 90 mph that is equally likely to be heading for their stumps or shoulders. Defend or leave, pull or duck. With so many decisions needed to be made in a short time, the players sometime get dangerously injured which can potentially end their career and lives in some exceptional cases. These injuries happen in a split of second but the result linger on in the expressions of the players, once they are down on the ground.

There are many examples of injuries on the cricket field, some fatal and others life-altering.
Cricket fans, will agree about the times they held their breath when injuries occured like when Hughes or Raman Lamba  succumbed to their horrible injuries.

Here is a video of some of the worst injuries in cricket:


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