Virat Kohli having a cheat day with Mughlai khana
Virat Kohli having a cheat day with Mughlai khana

Virat Kohli, after going through some hard workout days, it looks enjoying some cheat days. India’s Test captain, who has impressed everyone with his outstanding fitness so far, was recently snapped with a large spread of Mughlai delicacies.

Kohli, who is rested from the Indian team for the limited-overs series in Zimbabwe, is now making most of the free time he has got by receiving and seeing off his girlfriend Anushka, and spending some quality time in his personal gym.

However recently Kohli was photographed at the Mumbai airport where he was seen receiving Anushka.

Where Kohli is outplaying his peers and former players is his unbelievable fitness. It’s not only the visual changes in his chiseled face and those tattooed muscular arms that we are saying here.

If you take a close look, within the past two years or so, Kohli has managed to elevate his stamina to an outstanding level. And he achieved it through a boring but fruitful regime of ‘eat, sleep and train’. He doesn’t like over-training at the nets.

The Delhi batsman is very hard to beat when it comes to fitness. The 27-year-old passionate, attacking batsman puts in immense hard work to hold on to his super tough body. He spends time in gym 5 times a week and prefers a combination of weight training and cardio exercises.

He never forgets to do the core exercises like bench press, dumbbell press, and biceps curl. The most important thing is that Kohli is always concerned about proper diet. Once on a tour, a restaurant manager revealed: “Of all the Indian players who have been visiting our two restaurants, Kohli has been having the healthiest food and those are some of the most expensive dishes available at our restaurants”.

He always has a discipline for his fitness, and unlike his funky lifestyle, he refuses to smoke or drink. His workouts also include playing games as well, staying hydrated is another requirement.

The most important part of Kohli’s diet is mineral water in order to avoid both minor and moderate diseases and illness. That’s why he is generally seen drinking a lot of water when on tours.

The obvious effects are for everyone to watch. He is running like an African gazelle between the wickets and while fielding, not a single moment Kohli has been seen trying to catch his breath.

What mash-up his fitness and technique is the resolve and hunger to win every match he plays. His emotions also support the same will. Continuously pumping his fists, screaming ‘come on’ and some other expletives, truly no one celebrates like Virat Kohli does.




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