Sourav Ganguly appears to be satisfied by Virat Kohli’s game and contribution to the Indian team. Ganguly is not overly worried that Kohli is facing attitude problems or an inferiority complex. It is the runs he scores that is important, he says.

Responding to comments about Kohli’s irresponsible behaviour, he said that he was in no position to speak about those matters. It would be best if the BCCI were consulted about that, he said.

Virat Kohli is just 26 years old and he will doubtlessly get better, Ganguly believes. He will grow both in class and skill.

Ganguly hopes that he (Kohli) grows to score more and more runs. He says tht aeach batsman is unique and should be allowed to play and be treated uniquely, which will lead to an improvement in their performance.

Ganguly hopes that Kohli can one day lead his team to victory in the World Cup.

However, Ganguly remains tight- lipped on taking the Indian Coach job still. He did not, however, deny that he would be running to take the post.

Ganguly also weighed in on Yuvraj Singh’s performance saying that he needed to be more consistent in his form, and that he needs to start scoring runs more frequently, but he thinks Yuvraj will make it.

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