The man that people either adore or loathe, has split the English nation in the past few months. However with the England one day side still performing poorly to say the least and a World Cup just around the corner, the ECB must surely reconsider their decision to part ways with the maverick batsmen.

English cricket hasn’t enjoyed its greatest spell in general recently but the one day team have suffered most. With Alastair Cook too stubborn to resign as captain (in this form of the game) and a string of losses stacking up against them, they are in need of a spark. Pietersen could certainly be that man. Despite poor performances from KP in recent times, he is still an England great and potentially explosive at the crease. Most importantly he would add some much needed fear factor to the England line-up, an aspect that has been so dearly lacking in recent times.

Pietersen has always performed most consistently for the one day side and with most of the test players of whom he fell out with, not in the team, there is no reason why he couldn’t just compete in one tournament. The state of the side is so shameful that we must be reaching a point where we just forget the controversy the man would bring and think purely of all the much need runs and flair he would provide. England lack a world class performer and he is certainly still that.

England are a decent batting side at the moment but I feel Pietersen would perhaps take them to that next level if he turned it on and if we are to prevent an embarrassment at the upcoming World Cup or perhaps even break our exclusive one-day world title duck, then we must start selecting our best players. As Pietersen’s book proved, the rest of the England team didn’t exactly behave like angels in the past and it’s about time that we stopped shunning flair and controversy in this country and let a genius like him flourish. For me his baggage is worth the risk due to his precious talent. I don’t particularly like the man but this is sport not a personality contest and I just want to see my nation do well as an England fan!

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the continuous batting collapses of the England team mean that persisting to neglect KP would be nothing short of an outrage. It would also appear that he would suit the style of the team, who are playing a score quickly at the expense of wickets game. A style that would suit Pietersen perfectly. As things stand, England face mid order batting collapses most games, with very few runs added to the score. So why not add a man that may add a quick-fire extra 50 or 60 runs to the teams total? Also the World Cup is to be hosted in Sri Lanka and having been one of the few English players to have competed in the IPL, Pietersen must know how to play the pitches in the sub-continent better than most other batting options.

What’s more the arrival of such a world class player could raise the game of his teammates. If one guy came in and scored runs, that could take the pressure off the rest. On the field there really is no downside it would seem therefore and he is still England’s best one-day batsman. So why couldn’t he just go out and bat in a few games for the benefit of the team? It is times like this in which the ECB have a choice between results on the pitch or protecting their own ego. Unfortunately I know what my money’s on…




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