The race get closer and closer as the season progresses but we still fail to find another winner as Sebastian Vettel in his Red Bull continued his dominant show to win the Italian Grand Prix for the third time in his career. Fernando Alonso in his red Ferrari drove his heart out to take the second spot while Mark Webber in the second Red Bull completed the podium with a third place finish. A brilliant race is what it had to be said. Right from the very beginning to the very end there were fights for different places. A few unhappy faces though, as Paul De Resta retired in very first lap of the race with a brake failure which saw his car crash into Romain Grosjean (who escaped without a single scratch on his car). Vergne too retired with 10 laps on board due to an engine failure. FANTASTIC START: Lot of action happened at the start. Vettel pulled away into the lead, but it were the Ferrari’s who had yet another fantastic starts this season as Massa moved into second from 4th and Alonso into 3rd from 5th. Webber damaged his wing in the initial pull up and had to drive the whole race with a broken right wing. Kimi who started on 14th gained lot of places in the start before he ran into De resta damaging his wing in the process, forcing him to pit early. And to add to all these action De Resta ran into the pack of cars with a brake failure damaging the Force India for the second time in a row.


Battle within the Ferraris: The initial laps of the race saw the two Ferrari’s battle out against each other. Massa who started ahead of his fellow team mate clinged onto his hard earned second spot for few laps before giving in to Alonso. It was a treat to watch both the Ferrari’s battle it out in their own backward in one of the oldest tracks in the world. However Alonso came on top in the end of race. Ferrari will be a happy lot with their second and fourth place finishes.   Kimi – Hamilton Battle: Vettel pulled away in the lead and look invincible to catch upon. But there were few other battles which were worth watching. One of my favourites was the battle between Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes with Kimi Raikkonen in his Lotus. Both the former champion produced some terrific moves to earn their spots. Though the qualifier was a disaster for both of them, they put their best in display at the Monza. Some very clever moves in the Z turns let the fans awestruck. Another battle was that was worth mentioning was between Alonso and Webber for the second spot. The battle started in lap 27 right after Alonso came out of the pits ahead of Mark Webber. Both of them fought for the spot with absolute classic drives. Mark Webber with his injured Bull had to finally settle for the third spot as Alonso claimed the second. “You drive like a Lion “came the comment from the Ferrari crew after his completion of the race.


“It’s always great to win a race here in Italy. It’s one of the toughest race circuits and it even more special to beat the Red guys here” said an elated Vettel after the race. Vettel extended his champion lead to 53 points over Alonso. Vettel now has 222 points followed by Alonso with 169 points. Hamilton is in third with 141 points and in fourth is the Veteran Finn Kimi Raikkonen. QUICK FLICKS: Fastest Lap: Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus) Biggest Gainer: Romain Grosjean (Lotus) Best Move of the day: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Battle of the day: Lewis Hamilton- Kimi Raikkonen Most lap on lead: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) Unlucky Driver of the day: Paul De Resta (Force India) So we have yet another F1 week coming to a closure with Red Bull still the car to beat. Vettel won his sixth race of the season. It was his third win at Monza and his 32 win overall. That’s all for this weekend. Stay tuned for the Singapore Grand Prix, the only night race of the calendar for some high adrenaline action. By Suneeth Nair


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