2014 FIFA World Cup: Is Ron Vlaar’s Penalty a Goal?

Editor Sportzwiki / 11 July 2014

The last two standing teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Germany and Argentina are getting ready for the all-important finals which is barely two days away. Germany routed Brazil in the first semi-finals for a place in the summit clash. The second semi-final between Argentina and Netherlands went all the way to the penalties in which Argentina prevailed in the end, courtesy the heroics of their goalie Sergio Romero.

In the post-match conference, Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal revealed that some of his primary penalty takers were not willing to take the very first penalty. That made Van Gaal to nominate Aston Villa’s defender Ron Vlaar for the first penalty. Vlaar sent the ball to the left of the Goalie which was eventually saved by Romero.

This is what happened after the save:

The video shows the ball spun back past the goalkeeper and almost crossed the line, after both Vlaar and Romero walked away. It’s unsure whether the footage has been doctored and also it is not clear that the whole of the ball crossed the line.

The officials didn’t even bothered to use the goal line technology and gave the verdict as a save. The penalty shootout rule states that “The ball may touch the goalkeeper, goal posts, or crossbar any number of times before going into the goal as long as the referee believes the ball’s motion is the result of the initial kick”.

So if the ball had crossed the line, then it should have be considered as a goal. This might be spurring a new controversy as the tournament is almost nearing its fag end.

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