Arsene Wenger’s Premier League club Arsenal are not off to the greatest start to their Premier League campaign this season taking just 4 points from their first three games of the season.

Even before the start of the season, fans of the club were vocal in asking the management to get rid of the manager this summer. But the club decided to go ahead with the Frenchman at his helm but with all the controversy surrounding the club and its manager, this season might be the last for Wenger if he is not able to win any silverware come of the end of the campaign.

So much so that the owners of the club have already shortlisted a candidate to replace Wenger if he does get thrown out of the club in the next few years.

Recent reports have suggested that AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe, who has helped the side stay in the top flight for the second consecutive year, is deemed as the successor for Wenger if and when he leaves the Emirates.


The 38-year old manager got the Cherries to play some decent football and though his season was not completely without relegation scare, he did an extra ordinary job with the players in hand.

And it is understood that Arsenal are convinced that he will do a great job if given the right tools at the club in a few years.

However, all the rumors were squashed this morning when a report from the Daily Star suggested that the Cherries issued a hands-off warning to Arsenal.

Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn spoke to the media today about the whole rumor and dismissed any chance of Howe leaving Bournemouth in the next few years.

Mostyn said: “We have a man of immense talent and any man of talent, whatever business you are in, is always going to be sought after. We see that very much as a compliment.


“But Eddie is a Bournemouth boy through and through. He has been with the football club since he was 10,” he added.

This has left Arsenal in search for another successor to the Frenchman if he is not able to take Arsenal that one step further this season.

Do you think Eddie Howe was a good choice for Arsenal?



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