We are sure as hell that Arsenal owner, billionaire Stan Kroenke loves privacy.

Last week, in NFL, where he owns the Rams, went to an away match at Minnesota Vikings.

Kroenke needed to clear out, he needed a toilet. But, there were no private restrooms, all were public toilets.

So, he cleared out a public toilet by his security guards to use the toilet all by himself.

One mistake he did was he booked the public toilet near press  box, so he was snapped.

Doug Vaughn of CBS was present, he says, ”Stan Kroenke sighting in the Vikings’ press box. Restroom was closed temporarily for his personal use.”

”Stan Kroenke’s guards positioned themselves outside press box restroom so he can have the facilities to himself.”

Brian Murphy from the press was also present. He says, ”Rams owner, billionaire Stan Kroenke used 3 security guards to block media from using press box restroom in publicly built TCF bank stadium.”

Bob Sansevere said: ”Rams owner Stan Kroenke pee update: Bathroom closed again for him. For third time today.”

Let’s take a look at the pictures


So, Kroenke can’t stand a common man leaking next to him.

He had Vikings press box restroom blocked off for his personal usage 3 times in one-half.

His frequent urges to go to restroom has made a section of the press call him ”bathroom hog”.

Want to look at his property?

Money can solve all kinds of problems we heard, well it seems.. not all.


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