Petr Cech: 4

The best player on the pitch for the Gunners, who rescued them from many a perilous situations. The saves on Willian and Costa saved Arsenal an early first half KO.

Nacho Monreal: 2.5

Mediocre on the ball and didn’t contribute to the attack as much as his bursting forays on to the wing warranted.

Laurent Koscielny: 2

Was beaten in play by Chelsea often, including in the build-up to the Costa goal where he was seemingly marking a player of his own team.

Per Mertesacker: 0.5

A game which deserved a zero for the German but he escapes with a 0.5 simply because he was solid in the time he actually played. Horrible positioning, horrible covering, horrible recovery, horrible tackle. Straight red is what he deserved.

Hector Bellerin: 2.5

Was generally loose in his passing, left his flank open too often and was saved by trouble from Gabriel more often than not. Even was caught on the ball by Hazard, which is especially poor considering they were reduced to 10 men.

Mathieu Flamini: 2

The unluckiest player on the pitch because he received Arsenal’s best chances on a plate. If only he was a tad bit better on the ball, he would be an instant Gunners legend. In the quest to strike back, left his position often and was backed up well by Koscielny in such scenarios.

Aaron Ramsey: 3

Aggressive play from the Welshman was not rewarded with either a goal or an assist. Did make generally decent passes but dwelled on the ball too long for Wenger’s liking, who was making his frustration clear every time the player resorted to pettiness.

Theo Walcott: 3

Was the only tangible threat to Chelsea as they had to be vigilant to cope with his threat. Zouma dealt with the Englishman very well but Ivanovic left his centre back hung out to dry more often than not.

Mesut Ozil: 1.5

Completely anonymous. The German was kept in shackles by the Matic and Mikel pairing and should have been substituted off by Wenger as soon as Arsenal went into the tunnel for half time.

Joel Campbell: 2

Carved out a decent opportunity early on but failed to trouble Azpilicueta at all later on and was hence substituted.

Olivier Giroud: 2.5

Was lively when he was on the pitch, unlucky to be substituted because of the sending off. Did manage to unsettle a nervy Chelsea backline a couple of times.

Alexis Sanchez: 3

Managed to play out from multiple covering Chelsea players who were using the numerical advantage to shackle him along the lines of Ozil. The chances he created merited better outcomes than what actually transpired.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain: 2

The player who famously hasn’t scored or assisted in the league in all of 2015, continued that into this match and managed to fluff a glorious chance with a rash swing of the boot.

Gabriel: 3

Came on to effectively replace Mertesacker and managed to concede in less than a minute. Was better at dealing with Costa later on and did make a few important interceptions.


Thibaut Courtois: 3

Was untroubled by Arsenal throughout the match and hence was confident in coming out of the goalmouth and managed to disrupt multiple attacks from the Gunners.

Cesar Azpilicueta: 3

Was not the usual dominant self as he stayed closer to Terry to shield the spaces in-between. Had comfortable stretches along the match where almost no one was able to beat him, including Bellerin with his pace. Did get compact later on which resulted in a wasted chance from Chamberlain.

John Terry: 3.5

Was tasked with handling Giroud and then Walcott. Both of them tried to target the area between Ivanovic and Zouma instead. This made Terry’s night comfortable as he simply had to boot out the balls that did manage to reach him.

Kurt Zouma: 4

Cannot be outmuscled or outpaced. Managed to keep Walcott as well as Chamberlain quiet all match. Was hung out to dry by Ivanovic often but managed to weed out the danger with impressive blocks.

Branislav Ivanovic: 3.5

A mediocre night in defence was accentuated by the sublime cross to Diego Costa. Stayed a little deeper than he usually does and managed to get himself in trouble with Walcott a couple of times.

Nemanja Matic: 3

Was decent on the ball and later doubled up on Ozil with Mikel to take him out of the game after the sending off.

Cesc Fabregas: 4.5

A virtuoso performance from the ex-Arsenal captain who led the Chelsea juggernaut. Managed to land a couple of tackles as well as inch perfect through balls. A complete performance from the Chelsea man.

Oscar: 3

Helped in linking up the play and his central straying made for a very compact Chelsea play which was rewarded due to Arsenal’s impotence on the wings.

Willian: 2

Should’ve had a couple of goals but fluffed both the chances. Did contribute greatly to the defence, otherwise which, Chelsea would’ve definitely conceded a couple of goals.

Diego Costa: 4.5

The most in-form striker in the Premier League was at it again as he broke through the Arsenal defence at will and irritated non Chelsea fans all over the world with tremendous holding up play and work rate.

Loic Remy: 3

Was given a few minutes to protect Costa and managed to carve out a couple of decent chances, only to be failed by a stray touch or a poor shot.

Eden Hazard: 3

A great cameo from the Belgian who came on as a liability defensively against a resurgent Arsenal side and managed to play very well in that same area as he outmuscled Bellerin and Ozil multiple times, along with a couple of great dribbles once he started running with the ball.

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