Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit back at Sky Sports football experts Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher for poor analysis of the game between Arsenal and Liverpool last Monday.

Former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville who works as Football Pundit with Sky Sports had slammed Arsene Wenger for not buying quality players and this could hamper Arsenal’s title aspirations. He was critical about the current crop of players at Arsenal and told that Wenger is either ‘Naive or Arrogant’ as the is not buying players in this transfer.

Arsene Wenger has finally responded to the criticism showered at him.

Speaking to the media Wenger said: “The only thing I want is that, when people have opinions, it is documented and worked-out before – especially when it is football, specialists.

“It is not just about talking. I accept you can be right and I can be wrong, but what you do not want is just an opinion that comes out just because you feel like that.

“When I watch sometimes, the guy doesn’t talk about the game – he tells you his life and what he thinks about football.

“But I like to know that Schneiderlin passed to Carrick.

“Sometimes, I watch games and at the end I don’t know the players who have played on the pitch because the guys don’t comment on the game anymore.

“The first mission is to educate people. Yes, that is fantastic because the guy who has played can explain things to the guy who has not played at the top level. It can help them understand and get people to really love the game.

“That, for me, is the first mission. To also come out and say, ‘Oh yes, this game is great.’ Some do it very well but the other way, I don’t like so much.

“I accept critics, I think I have shown you over 20 years that I cannot solve the lot, but I want people to educate and get people to love the game.”

Gary Neville had criticised Francis Coquelin and said that the midfielders at Arsenal were good, but not world class and they would never win the title with the players.

Differing to Neville’s view Wenger suggested that Coquelin statistically was brilliant last season and was one of the best defensive midfielders going by stats.

Wenger added: “Coquelin has the best defensive statistics and numbers in Europe. You watch football like I watch football. I don’t know what people see. Defensively, Coquelin is doing a great job.

“Look, I am not against opinion. People can say they don’t think Arsenal is good enough. I accept that. But it is dangerous to say ‘He will never be a player’ — especially when the comment has come from people in football.

“It doesn’t annoy me, but what is a concern is that it puts pressure on players.

“I believe that we are in a football job.

“People who have been in the game, I love that they go on television. But I would like them to help people to love football even more.”


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