Arsene Wenger come out and spoken about Wilsher’s recurring injury problems. It has been a frustrating phase for the Arsenal manager not knowing whether to trust Wilshere going in for a new season.

Arsene Wenger has challenged Wilshere to be regularly fit for next 2-3 seasons to have any chance of cementing his place in the regular setup of the International football or the club football.

Wenger said: “Every week he is stronger, he is getting back to the level now. This week is the first week he has been sharp again.

“He needs one or two years without problems to get the full confidence and belief back.

Wenger believes that as soon as Wilshere will be back from his latest injury woes, he will be playing regular football for Arsenal.

Wenger said: “You live in a job where you need to trust your body. Jack is one of them who plays with freedom as soon as he’s back. So I don’t think on that front it will be a problem.

“What people underestimate a little bit is that to get back to be capable to play is one thing, to be back and be capable to be sharp and efficient takes a bit longer.”

Arsenal manager believes that his side’s chances of closing the gap on league leaders were hampered due to the regular injury issues his team were suffering. Arsene Wenger believes, his side have found the right mix for next season and will be more effective once all of his players are back from injury.

Wenger said: “We had big injuries at the start of the season and we only got our squad together more recently.

“Even then we still lost players like Wilshere in November, and then again afterwards. We were not all together.

“So it took us some time to find a good balance in the team and we dropped some points because of that. Missing players was certainly detrimental to our results.”

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