Gaurav Thapliyal / 15 January 2015

Brazilian football star Ronaldo will try to make a come back after his retirement from football to play for ” Fort Lauderdale Strikers’ of the second-tier North American Soccer League.

At a press confrence Ronaldo announced that he has become a part owner of the strikers, with reports in Brazil claiming that he owns 10 per cent of the club.

The 38 year old last played professionally for Corinthians in Brazil back in 2011. The two time World cup winner told the media that he wants to train again and hope he might be able to play for Strikers in the 2015 season.

“I will try to play some games,” he told Sports Illustrated’s website. “This year I want to train a lot. The last three years I didn’t because I was too busy in other stuff…maybe if we get to the final and I’m feeling good, why not? I will put my name in the NASL as an option.”

Ronaldo said his return to the game would help the league and football in America. Asked whether the former World Cup winner would play, Ronaldo responded in English and said “that is not easy.”

“I love to play,” he said. “That was my big love. But when I retired, it was because of my body. I had so much pain and so many injuries. “It isn’t easy to get fit. I will try. I will train a lot.”

He also mentioned that with his links in football, he will try to speak to other players in Europe and Brazil, to play in U S.

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