To the Liverpool fans’ delight,Jurgen Klopp is set to come on Merseyside on Thursday to complete the formalities and is likely to be unveiled as next LFC coach on Friday,penning a deal till 2018.

The likes of very reliable Chris Bascombe,Tony Barrett,Paul Joyce,Riley have already said Klopp_to_Kop is just a matter of time. Nicolò Schira says: ’’Liverpool is closing with Jurgen Klopp. He will sign a contract until 2018 for 4 mln at season’’

The very reliable Barrett of Times says: ’’Jurgen Klopp expected to arrive in Liverpool on Thursday. Klopp will work within existing structures LFC. Klopp’s deal is 3 years plus what’s remaining of this season. Ancelotti was interested, but the structure (player recruitment) wasn’t as attractive’’.

Jan Aage Fjortoft  has written: ’’I understand Friday is the day lfc will present Klopp.Just details left. Agent will apparently travel to L’pool Thursday 2sort last details”.The very reliable Dominic King has written: ’’ Jurgen Klopp set to be unveiled on Friday as new Liverpool manager, penning a three-year deal. Though FSG sounded out Carlo Ancelotti, Klopp was the No 1 target all along and he has been waiting for FSG’s signal. Jurgen Klopp is expected to be unveiled as Liverpool ‘s new manager on Friday’’

Paul Joyce saying: ’’Jurgen Klopp set to arrive on Merseyside on Thursday to complete Liverpool deal. When Klopp’s appointment is confirmed in the next 48 hours, there will be nowhere left to hide for the squad he has inherited’’. Andy Hunter has written: ’’It is expected Klopp will travel to Liverpool on Thursday and be unveiled as Rodgers’ successor by the end of the week. Klopp will earn more at Liverpool than his £3.6m-a-year salary at Dortmund and is believed to have been offered a 3 year contract. Jurgen Klopp is expected on Merseyside on Thursday to finalise terms with the Anfield club’’.



The main writer of the Liverpool football club’s mouthpiece Liverpool Echo,James Pearce  has written: ’’Klopp is ready to cut short his planned sabbatical in order to spearhead an Anfield revival & he is expected to pen a 3 year deal. The Anfield hierarchy want to ensure Klopp has a full week to prepare for his first game in charge vs Spurs. Liverpool are close to securing the services of Jurgen Klopp as the club’s new manager’’ 

So,the bottomline is Jurgen Klopp is becoming the next coach of Liverpool Football Club,no matter when the official announcement comes.Liverpool is getting ready for some heavy metal ride of high-pressing football with raw,sheer passion.

Listen to what kop legend Didi Hamann says: “When Klopp played LFC at Anfield he touched the sign in the tunnel, and then stood looking at the Kop for about 30 seconds. I really do believe Jürgen Klopp can be immortal at LFC.” Just waiting for Klopp’s XL tracksuit to come in.Imagine a Jurgen Klopp presser, man puts on glasses and  LFC baseball cap. Turns on  Hamburg Cigar. Chants the greatest rendition of hysteria and walks out.


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