Manchester United have appointed Kieran McKenna as their under-18 coach, according to a report from Daily Mail.

The report claims the promising coach has decided to leave Tottenham in order to continue his coaching career at Manchester United.

The 30-year-old Northern Irishman is believed to have already started work at United, but will start officially on Monday.

If the report is to be believed, McKenna will replace Paul McGuinness, who left United in February.

McGuinness left United last winter after spending 28 years at the club and is currently an assistant to Neil Dewsnip in England’s under-18 national team.

United’s youth team is obviously in need of a new head coach and it seems like the club has decided to give the role to McKenna.

The former midfielder became a scholar in Tottenham’s academy back in 2002, but his progress was halted by a persistent hip injury, which eventually ended his playing career 8 years ago.

However, McKenna decided to turn to coaching and it looks like he’s doing quite well as he’s regarded as one of the most promising coaches in the country.

It appears as though McKenna has already taken charge of United’s youth team and it’d be interesting to see how he does.

United have some great talents in the academy, so it shouldn’t be too hard for McKenna to get results.


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