Premier league club Chelsea have been quick to condemn the discrimination shown towards women after a footage that was released recently showing obscene and sexist abuse being directed at their club doctor Eva Carneiro.

Recently various incidents have been taking place against women in football which are often going unnoticed due to lack of response from the corresponding authorities. A similar incident at Manchester City was also reported by the campaign group Women in Football but no action was taken.

According to the reports even the sports minister Helen Grant is backing this major campaign in eliminating the large scale abusive chanting in premier league matches. She said, “It is absolutely right that we champion and celebrate women who work in the football industry and play vital roles in making the game the success that it is.

“I want more women to get involved in football across the board and to see it as a great industry to work in. Sexism, in any shape or form, should not be tolerated so I applaud this push to encourage people to report any incidents of sexist abuse and for the promotion of inclusivity across football.”

Last year Chelsea doctor who have been working for them for the last 6 years spoke of the difficulties faced by women in various roles in football.

“As a male you can aspire to having a successful professional life and a fulfilling personal life,” she said, speaking at a medical conference in Sweden. Women are told that if they want to have both, at best it’s going to be difficult and at worse it’s going to be a disaster.

“Ninety per cent of the mail I receive is from young women wanting to perform the same role. We need to tell them it’s possible and that their presence will improve results.”

Eva Carneiro have worked in British Olympic Medical Institute at the Beijing Games, before joining Chelsea six years ago as reserve team doctor. She started working with the first team in 2011.

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