Eva Carneiro has been embroiled in a legal battle with Chelsea regarding mistreatment during employment for the better part of the past year and has lodged a case against the club reportedly demanding full reinstatement. 

She was publicly lambasted by the then Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho over providing treatment to Eden Hazard during the opening match of the season against Swansea City. This action was termed “impulsive and naïve” by Mourinho although she was well within her means to do what she had done. In fact, she has garnered support from all the medical associations over her “impulsive” actions, calling it proactive and proficient.

The preliminary hearing for the case took place in Croydon at the London South Employment Tribunal in complete privacy and the case was recited to an employment judge.

The hearing had rolled on for over three hours and post the discussion, Mary O’Rourke QC, Carneiro’s attorney stated publicly that no settlement had been reached.

This means that the case will most likely go to trial unless a settlement is reached next time the parties meet in court, of which, the date is set but has not been disclosed.

A court spokesperson refused to divulge details and only parted with, “It was a private hearing and what happened in the hearing is private matter”.

Carneiro had arrived at the court with her husband Jason De Carteret and was seen to enter the premises having his complete support and attention. The couple was just recently married in South London, soon after she had resigned over the mistreatment meted to her.

Carneiro also has another case against Mourinho for victimisation and discrimination and will most expectedly allege sexism against the ex-Chelsea manager. It adds to the troubles for Mourinho who was sacked just last month by the London club even as he had the support of the fans.

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