Since departing from Chelsea, Petr Cech thanks the club for the first time

Tapan Jindal / 07 January 2016

Petr Cech who had moved across London over the summer from Chelsea to their bitter rivals Arsenal has spoken out about how his previous club and specifically the coach, Christophe Lollichon, had helped him over his career at various destinations.

“If you’re a professional goalkeeper for 20 years and somebody keeps shooting the ball at you, after a while just catching it from 15 yards will not make you progress,” Cech told the Evening Standard.

“You don’t go any further than just catching the ball from that distance. So you have to find a way of making that exercise more complicated so you know your brain will switch on and go further than this.

“This is the way he [Lollichon] works. We try to catch different shaped balls, bigger balls or smaller ones because then you need to adapt your hand-eye coordination every time. Suddenly, your brain starts working again.

“You can use colours. Imagine you are saving the ball, and at the same time a card is held up. You save the ball and shout the colour — you are concentrating on more things. Your brain is working much more than just with a simple catch.”

Petr Cech elaborated about other techniques including using a table tennis robot that shoots ping-pong balls which are then caught one-handed “so it gives you a completely different hand-eye coordination.”

Also commenting, “I liked the way we tried to find a way forward.

“We used to play peteca, which is a Brazilian game played with a shuttlecock that has a rubber bottom. You hit it with your palm and you play a game like tennis but we did it by using the crossbar as a net. We used both hands and played a little tournament for the warm-up — you dive, you jump, you use your whole body and hand-eye coordination.

“You realise how much weaker your left can be compared to your right if you are right-handed. He is not afraid to look for things like that.

“At this level, it is a constant battle of getting something extra, but you can learn every day until you are 80.”, he concluded.

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