Jose Mourinho might be regarded as one of the best managers in the world and in all fairness to Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers. He may have out-thought the young Liverpool boss asking his players to stick to a rather defensive style of play; however against a feisty Diego Simeone, Jose might have sold himself short.

Blessed with the talents of Eden Hazard, Willian, Oscar, Andre Schurrle, Samuel Eto’o and Demba Ba; you cannot be faulted if you say that those players make up a very lethal attacking team. However that’s not the way Jose Mourinho sees things. After a goal-less       first-leg away in Madrid and a sneaky victory away at Anfield, it wasn’t difficult to predict what and how Jose would set his team up. However, the result was one that was predicted or even expected. A terrible waste of the talent at one’s disposal and frustrating tactics was what brought PFA Young Player of the Year Eden Hazard to speak out after the game.

Chelsea aren’t set up to play football,’ Belgian Hazard told beIN SPORTS’ French station. ‘Chelsea are set up to counter-attack. We are realistic, but at the same time we are optimistic,’

The frustrated Belgian said. ‘When things go in a certain direction, there is a moment where you dream and you think that things are possible, even if things are not. And because we did well in the Champions League and in the Premier League, there was a moment where we felt we could do it. In the Premier League it was the match against Aston Villa that made me believe that we had no chance to be champions. After that we build again the momentum and we were waiting for the Liverpool match to be the title match, but we had another surprise against Sunderland.

The Belgian winger added, ‘In the Champions League, it’s the same. We knew that teams had more potential than us and were more ready than us to win the competition, but because you go step by step and beat Paris St Germain after a 3-1 defeat, you build your dream. And today, I think it was proved that we had our chances. Until minute 61 we were completely in the game. And 2-1 for Chelsea, or 2-1 for Atletico.’

The former Lille man said, ‘That moment was crucial and, from that moment, the game was over.’

His thoughts were echoed by currently injured Liverpool full-back Jose Enrique The Liverpool defender took a swipe at Jose Mourinho’s tactics after Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League to Atletico Madrid.

And Reds star Enrique was quick to put the boot in when he tweeted: ‘This is what happens when you don’t play football……’

Bus or no Bus. Its Time Mourinho starts playing to his strength and not his oppositions weaknesses     


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