Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro to sue Jose Mourino?

Ritabrata Banerjee / 13 August 2015

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will not reinstate team doctor Eva Carneiro to the reserve bench despite a huge backlash over club’s treatment towards the doctor.

According to DailyMailthe incident involving Carneiro and Eden Hazard during last Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Swansea at Stamford Bridge was not the first time Mourinho had bashed the doctor.

It is reported that the even though Mourinho has decided to stay firm in his decision, the pressure is slowly mounting on the manager as the club owner Roman Abramovich said to be furious that the manager created the controversy by criticising an employee publicly.

There is a concern among the club officials that Eva Carneiro might seek both a public apology and legal advice with a view to possibly suing the club.

On Sunday it was reported that the club has forbade Eva from sitting on the reserve bench or disallowing her from entering the practice field or team hotel. It is therefore a downgrading of her role. This might cause a discontenment for Eva.

Mourinho previously had criticised the highly-regarded specialist in sports medicine, with the management of Diego Costa’s recurring hamstring injury thought to have been an area of contention last season.

It could explain why Mourinho has no apparent desire to issue the public apology Carneiro is understood to be seeking.

The Premier League Doctors’ group accused Mourinho of putting results ahead of a player’s safety.

A statement from the organisation read: ‘Removing Eva Carneiro from the Chelsea bench is unjust in the extreme.

‘In the incident against Swansea, the Chelsea medical staff were clearly summoned on by the referee to attend to a player.

‘A refusal to run on to the pitch would have breached the duty of care of the medical team to their patient.

‘It is a huge concern that Dr Carneiro has been subjected to unprecedented media scrutiny and a change in her professional role, merely because she adhered to her code of professional conduct and did her job properly.

‘Dr Carneiro has universal and total support from her medical colleagues at the Premier League Doctors Group.’

Former Liverpool head of medicine termed Jose Mourinho’s behaviour as ‘appalling’.

Brukner was quoted by TalkSport: ‘What do you expect the doctor to do? Just ignore the referee beckoning them on? Maybe he should be criticising his player for staying down, rather than the medical staff.

‘The medical staff were responding to the referee’s instruction to come and treat the player. So then to criticise the medical staff publicly in the way that he did was appalling behaviour. The medical staff deserve a public apology and I’m very disappointed that the club hasn’t come out and done something to support them — they were just doing their job.’

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