World Class custodian Petr Cech has not even made his debut in the Premier League as an Arsenal player but tough times have begun for him apparently. According to reports, an Egyptian Chelsea fan had hacked Petr Cech’s twitter account earlier today and and posted some random link from his account.

Thankfully Cech realised it quickly and retrieved his account and tweeted to confirm that it was hacked. He also informed his followers not to open the link which was posted earlier.

Here are the two consecutive tweets of Petr Cech:

Petr Cech has won three pre-season trophies as an Arsenal player so far and has conceded just one goal. He was there under the bar for Gunners in their 1-0 triumph over Cech’s former side Chelsea in the FA Community Shield game last Sunday.

Arsenal will take on West Ham United on Sunday, 9th August in their season opener at the Emirates Stadium.


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