Chelsea News: Conte warns Diego Costa to improve disciplinary record

Nagendra / 11 September 2016

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has asked Diego Costa to be more disciplined on the pitch as he has already racked up two yellow cards in Premier League this season.

The 27-year old is one of the most physical players in the world and have tormented the defenses with his physical game which makes him a perfect asset for the Blues in the Premier League. However, the player is booked a lot more than most other attackers in the world.

He has racked up 11 yellow cards in 44 appearances for the Blues last season and was sent off against Everton in FA Cup. Despite scoring abundance of goals, the 27-year old should work on his aggression in a productive manner.

Diego is a passionate man,’ Conte said. ‘For this reason, sometimes, he risks the yellow card. But I want him to improve in this aspect. I want to have Diego Costa in all the games.

‘But Diego knows the situation. With passion, the right passion and the right aggression. He must transfer his emotions onto the pitch in the right way.

‘Always. I think that Diego is a good guy. He’s a player who is very important for the team. I tell him: ‘Transfer your passion and enthusiasm in the right way, and it’s good for me’.’

The Blues striker has criticized the Spanish media for giving him a hard time during the international break and have hit back at them. However, Conte feels that the player should focus on football on the pitch which would be the answer for all the critics.

‘Diego must think about playing football on the pitch,’ the Italian added. ‘To play with Chelsea, to play with the national team in Spain. It’s important to be focused on the pitch. To leave the other situations.

‘Those other situations are not interesting for him, for me, for Chelsea, for the fans and for the national team. It’s normal, though, that if you are a forward and you score, you’ve had a fantastic performance.

‘If you play well but don’t score, people say the performance is not good. But Diego is a player who, every game, puts all of himself into the game. I like this a lot.’