We are living in an era of Whatsapp chats and whatsapp groups. There are umpteen chelsea fans’ whatsapp groups to discuss about their favourite players. But, little did we imagine that Chelsea’s on loan 33 players are having their own whatsapp group. Chelsea on loan player and current Crystal Palace striker Patrick Bamford has revealed that the group of 33 loanee players have their own whatsapp group.

”We have actually got a Chelsea loan whatsapp group.” He says.

”The loan department set it up. Sometimes it drains your battery when everyone is messaging each other.”

”If someone does something special at the weekend, one of the computer technology guys from the loan department will send it all out after the weekend.” Patrick revealed.

The player who is yet to make his mark at Pardew’s Palace, was named championship player of the season after scoring 17 goals.

patrick bamford

Patrick further added, ”The psychologist said that every top,top player has a dark side to them.”

”So,someone like Diego Costa, sometimes he oversteps the mark. You can see he plays on the edge.”

 ”He (psychologist) said I have to develop that. It’s not natural for me to be like that – some players may lash out, but for me it’s probably morfe talking to the opponents. You can get angry but it’s all about controlling your aggression.” – concluded Bamford.

Chelsea are getting trolled at every whatsapp group, hope this group refrain from that.



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