Confirmed: Chelsea fan banned for three years for racist comments

Nitish / 04 December 2015

It was confirmed recently that Jordan Munday, a Chelsea fan was involved in blocking the Frenchman from boarding the Paris Metro in February this year, along with some other supporters of the west London club as well.

The 21 year old Munday was part of a group of fans, who stopped Souleymane Sylla from boarding a train prior to the Premier League champions’ clash against Ligue 1 holders Paris Saint Germain in Europe’s top cup competition in France. There was mobile footage suggesting the same and a horde of Blues’ fans clapping and singing, ‘We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it’.

The CCTV footage showed that Mr. Sylla was repeatedly trying to get on to the train at Richelieu-Drouot station, but was being pushed back every single time.

Munday was banned from attending football matches for three years in July due to this incident, but appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court to appeal against the order.

Prosecutor Adam Clemens told the court, “Quite properly you are entitled to say that this sort of event needs to be marked with an order so that similar travelling fans know do not get the impression that this sort of behaviour will not be acted on.”

The court reviewed the video footages once again and the result was not in favour of Munday, whose ban was not removed and it has stood for now, though there was every effort to prove otherwise.

His attorney, Alison Gurdon, however did once again retaliate on the fact that her client had been used as a scapegoat and did not deserve such a harsh punishment, yet nothing eventually worked.

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