Crystal Palace vs Chelsea: Player Ratings

Tapan Jindal / 04 January 2016

Crystal Palace:

Hennessey: 3.5

He was solid and couldn’t do anything about the three goals he did concede. Played well against the corners and crosses whipped in by Willian or Pedro

Ward: 3

Joel Ward was run ragged first by Hazard and then by Pedro. He was still, the best defender for the Eagles and had a disappointing lapse of concentration when he let Azpilicueta for a one v one with the keeper.

Dann: 3

Was the only Palace defender who hadn’t committed a mistake in the match but didn’t help out his colleagues either. Did do what was asked of him, though.

Delaney: 1.5

Really poor. Costa owned the centre half and his desire to right his wrongs often ended up in him fouling someone. Had been yellow carded early on and always looked ready to be sent off.

Souare: 2.5

Was turned too easily by Willian more than a handful of time and only looked to register a boot on the player instead of the ball.

McArthur: 1.5

Disappointed in midfield with below par passing as well as disappointing awareness against Chelsea’s play.

Jedinak: 1

The usually impressive midfielder was found out in all the three Chelsea goals. His protection to Delaney and Souare was paper thin, assuming there was anything of that sort. Fabregas bypassed him with ease all the match.

Zaha: 2

Failed to make any sort of contribution and looked to push or hit players instead of actually dribbling. Really needs to sort out his game over the next season or so.

Puncheon: 3

Did what was expected and with Zaha turning every dribble into an unfortunate wrestling battle, had too much on his plate. Still, he managed more than a few good looking balls in the area. A physically prudent striker would have taken better advantage of his skills.

Lee: 2

Was largely anonymous but was actually needed behind to help out with the overload against Ward. Was decent going ahead but lacked imagination.

Campbell: 2

As a striker, he couldn’t have done much more. Also the fact that he thrives on balls slid behind the defence made it all the more harder for him. Zouma owned him in that regard and Terry kept his aerial threat at bay.



Courtois: 3

Did what was expected and had all of Palace’s attempts covered. Dealt with the aerial assault pretty well.

Azpilicueta: 4

Once again, Azpi was at his imperious best and simply shut down the wing. His attacking forays had Lee scrambling and never once let an opponent get the better of him.

Terry: 3.5

Much improvement in his form. He has been the leader on the pitch and as expected, Chelsea have improved much with that resurgence from their captain.

Zouma: 5

He was a monster on the pitch. This young French defender is destined for greatness and will only improve as he matures. His physical abilities are currently second to none in the league and the way he hunted down Zaha was simply marvellous.

Ivanovic: 3

When Zaha decided that he wouldn’t play football anymore and only try wrestling the Serb, he made sure in a way that he will never make any impact. The vice-captain showed great strength against the aforementioned Zaha and Souare and was rarely troubled. Did let crosses in from the flank though.

Mikel: 5

Was the man of the match for the writer. Didn’t allow Palace even a couple of seconds of rest on the ball and was always ready to make a crucial tackle after another. His hold up play was nothing short of astonishing. If he keeps this up, he makes matters worse for Matic.

Fabregas: 4.5

Dominant in attack. He set up all the three goals with his beautiful distribution and looks to have started the New Year on the right note.

Pedro (Hazard ended the game without any contribution due to injury): 3

Did what was told of him but wasn’t really involved in the game as much as Willian. Did keep the defenders away with great positioning.

Oscar: 5

Another brilliant performance from the Brazilian who is finding form. Superb positional play highlighted his play for the evening.

Willian: 5

The best player for Chelsea kept up his impressive performances with another virtuoso showing against Palace. His goal has to be contender for the goal of the season award.

Costa: 4

Brilliant striker’s play from Costa who has rekindled his partnership with Fabregas. His runs in behind were brilliant and owned Delaney on the night.

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