What are the similarities between Diego Costa and Luis Suarez? Both world class strikers, both are controversy’s favourite child. From Suarez’s biting and “racist” Patrice Evra controversy to Costa’s on field antics, fouls and play actings all have been witnessed by football fans.
Now Diego Costa says he has replaced Luis Suarez in the PL. He says he has taken over Luis Suarez as PL bad boy. 
He said: “I think Luis Suarez left this country because of how he was treated and made out to be the bad guy. Do I feel like I have taken his place? That is crystal clear. It is obvious that there are people after me. If you do something wrong and it makes the papers, then okay, that’s fair. But when people are after you all of the time when you’re always the headline that’s not fair. I hope they’re not after me. I hope it’s not the case. I hope it’s something that’s just in my head.” 
He also says he will not change. “I will not change unless my manager or the people from my club or my supporters tell me,” Costa says he has realised that no one likes Chelsea, but there is still enough time in the season to get going.
Costa has also launched an attack on “cry babies”. He says, “Many times players have done stuff to me, like kick me. But I’m not a cry baby. I have 100 per cent support from my manager, the club and the Chelsea supporters. So other people, other opinions, I don’t care, I’m not really bothered.”


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