Definitely a Diwali surprise for Indian football lovers specially the Arsenal fans as Arsène Wenger admits how much he admires, respects Indian “special culture” ahead of this year’s much awaited Diwali celebrations.

Right now the five-day Hindu and Sikh festival is underway to honour knowledge, light and good nature. As a matter of fact, the veteran Arsenal manager has always had a “big respect” for the values of Indians.

Wenger told as a part of the special Diwali wish: “I am an admirer of Indian culture because, historically, through [Mahatma] Gandhi, when you are a young boy you learn about [his non-violence principles] and it has a special meaning to you,” 

He revealed his admiration for Mahatma Gandhi: “When you are a very young boy you think you have to fight violence with violence and you never forget about a guy who gives you that [peaceful] example.

“It makes you curious about Indian culture as well because they have their special culture with the different strands in society. It’s a very interesting one.” Arsenal manager’s love for Indian culture might inspire his players also.

He also showed his respect to the hard working Indians currently in England: “On the other hand, when you look here, there is a very big Indian community in England and they are all hard-working people. All of them are doing very well in society, so you always respect that when you know that. Hard work is an essential quality in every society. That provokes a big respect.”


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