Former Liverpool and Chelsea striker to become the highest paid footballer

Aakarsh / 22 January 2016

The biggest rumor of the day comes from Spain as it was reported that former Premier League striker is set to be the highest paid footballer in the country.

In the present age, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres is tipped off to be on the top of the earning charts for footballers.

The 31 year old was one of the most prolific goal scorers in EPL at one point of time, but has hence seen himself move clubs as often as Championship players do. He moved to Chelsea from Liverpool but was not able to find his goal scoring form and became famous for missing open goals.

He then moved to AC Milan a couple of seasons ago but hardly had any impact in Italy. He is currently on loan at Atletico Madrid where his career started but he has just not been able to find his form back in Spain.

He has scored a meagerly 26 goals in the last 6 seasons and is surely a player past his best but reports today suggest that he has offers from eight different teams, one of which will make him the highest paid footballer.

Jose Antonio Martin, the agent of the striker said in an interview, “The fans of Madrid don’t want Torres to be told no continually. He has an offer that would make him the best-paid in the world. There are nuances. It all depends upon the will of the club. He must either tell him [Torres], I am counting on you or I am not counting on you. The fans want his contract renewed and it is something that can’t be denied.”



It is believed that the costly offer has come from the new superpower in the world of football. China has recently grown to be one of the richest leagues in the world and it has come to be known as a league where players spend some quality holiday time in-between matches where they earn bucket loads of money.

Torres’ contract in Spain will expire this summer and Simeone the Atletico Madrid coach made it clear that the player has to improve his performance if he wants to stay in Spain.

Diego Simeone was very clear on what will decide if they keep him or not saying: “We are taking that [Torres situation] day by day, match by match. As you can imagine, I cant think of anything more than what is generated based upon performance. This is performance-based.”

If it is true, Torres has very little chance of regaining a place not only in Madrid but also in top European clubs and might have to settle down in less competitive leagues.

This gives the rumor more fuel as earning the big Yuan (Chinese dollar) might just push the Spaniard to take up the offer from China.

Do you think Torres has it in him to stay at a top European club?


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