Jurgen Klopp’s appointment as Liverpool manager makes him the second German-born manager to coach in England’s top domestic league after Felix Magath who failed to save Fulham from relegation in 2014.

Is this information a concern? For Alex Ferguson, it is not. The legendary Manchester United manager believes the ex-Borussia Dortmund head coach’s nationality will not be an issue on whether or not he does a good job in Anfield.

“Absolutely”, he said when speaking to German football magazine Kicker. “Of course. Very few English managers are now working in English football. The last time one won the title was back in 1992.” Ferguson’s statement surly hints to the success of Klopp as a manager in English football. Manchester United also gives his backing by saying, “Spanish, Portuguese, Scot, French, Italians all have successfully done their job here, then why not Germans?”

Ferguson however raised questions about Liverpool’s Transfer Committee’s decisions. He also revealed that, with a structure like this anybody will be in deep trouble including him. “I know a lot has changed but at the end of the day, a manager should have the power to say the last words on buying players. If the organization doesn’t support a manager, nothing can be done. You cannot tell him that these are our players and you have to stick to it.”

“For me, that’s not a good thing. If they take away responsibility from you, there is trouble everywhere.”


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