Chelsea boss Jose Mouriho is going through a hard time after the controversial reports regarding his treatment with Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro came out. According to Sky, the manager also abused the lady and it was caught on camera.

English champions chelsea could not start their 2015-16 season with a win as they drew with 2-2 against Swansea city. To add further frustration to the Portuguese, their first choice goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was sent off and will be unavailable in the high profile match against Manchester City this weekend.

Just when when you think its enough controversy for Mourinho, Chelsea’s key player Nemanja Matic has came out with a statement which will add even more discomfort to the manager.

Matic has revealed an irate Jose Mourinho refused to talk to his players after last weekend’s 2-2 home draw with Swansea.

Speaking to the ​London Evening Standard, Matic admitted that it’s a far worse experience for the team’s players to be given silence by Mourinho in the aftermath of a match, rather than to receive ‘hairdryer’ style treatment. 

However, Matic didn’t want to get involved in the subject and instead issued his manager with praise: ​“The manager didn’t speak to us on Saturday. He has done that before and sometimes that’s worse than when he is shouting at us. It is worse when he is quiet with us and it would be better for him to shout!

“He always wants to win. You can see every game, if he could run on the pitch to play, he would. His character is like this, we know that. We try to do our best to follow him and his ideas.

“Each game is different. It is emotional. But on the training ground he is a different person. He is quiet, he always speaks with us and we all have a good relationship with him. Every coach has a moment where he is more serious in public and that’s the same for him. 

“I have been back at the club for a year and a half, I feel great in the team and have never had a problem with him. I think he keeps control of everything and he is great for this club.”

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