Manchester United legend Gary Neville has predicted how the Premier League table will shape-up after Arsenal’s rampant win over Tottenham in the North London Derby put them 8 points clear of second-placed Manchester City. Neville, who never fails to come out with a rather absurd prediction of his own, has claimed that the Gunners still won’t clinch their first league title since 2004 despite the huge gap between them and the defending champions.

Arsenal have been displaying the form of champions, having won a staggering 15 out of their 18 league games so far, and losing just one, against United earlier in the season. The Gunners’ recent win at Tottenham away, which was their first since the 13/14 season was a testament to the fact that they are actually gunning for the title. However, Neville has pulled another rabbit out of the hat as he feels the Premier League trophy won’t be covered in the red ribbons of Arsenal this season.

Arsenal cemented their title challenge with a win away at Tottenham, opening an eight-point lead over second-placed Man City. Credits: Twitter

‘I know that will annoy Arsenal fans’ – Neville feels the Gunners won’t win the Premier League despite the healthy lead

No team has ever lost the Premier League title when at the summit with an eight-point lead. However, Neville feels that’s just about to change this season as he claims Arsenal are going to get toppled by the defending champions in the final run to win it. Moreover, Neville added another strange prediction to an already one as he claimed United too will finish above Arsenal, with the two Manchester clubs occupying the top-two positions, and the Gunners third.

Speaking on his podcast with Martin Tyler, Neville replied on being asked whether Arsenal will go all the way to win the league:

“No. But I said Leicester wouldn’t win the league. They won’t win the league. Manchester City will win the league, and I think Man Utd will finish second, and I know that will annoy Arsenal fans! I’d rather Arsenal win the league than Man City. I think it would be absolutely sensational for the Premier League. I think about watching the Premier League, we’ve seen City sweep up, apart from Liverpool, over the past five years. To think Arsenal could come and win it, it adds to our league, it makes our league great.”

He further explained the defending league champions will eventually catch up with the pace and ‘hit a run’ to surpass the current table toppers. Neville then went to explain City’s ultimate weapon, Erling Haaland who has scored a stunning 21 league goals in 17 games, will be key to their this run. He continued:

“The reality of it is, I think at some point Man City will hit a run. Once they do, they’ve got to play Arsenal twice. With City, is Erling Haaland not getting the service, or does he need to do more? I’ll ask that question. ‘Does he need to do more, or does he need to be patient?’

However, Neville feels Arsenal are going to finish third, with City winning the league and United toppling them to go second. Credits: Twitter

“If Erling Haaland starts to kick on, if City start to purr, if the defence starts to shore up a bit more than it has done, and they need Ruben Dias back if they can, I think City will win it. At some point, there will be a very difficult period for Arsenal this season. Is it conceivable that they are going to continue as they are? I don’t think it is. Could they draw two and lose one in a three-game period, and if they did that, their lead is gone, and the pack is up with them?

“That’s what I think is going to happen, we’ll see a traditional Premier League season where a team goes out, the pacemaker, and then they’ll get drawn back in a little bit. But I still think that this season is going to be far better for Arsenal than I ever imagined it would be.

“I know Arsenal fans will batter me, as they have been doing for the last four months, I hope you win it! I think for Mikel Arteta, it’s so difficult for young managers to break that [Antonio] Conte, [Jurgen] Klopp, [Carlo] Ancelotti, [Pep] Guardiola, [Jose] Mourinho mould and become one of those super managers. You can’t break them.

“If Arteta wins the league this season, he breaks into that bunch. He’s doing it anyway, because his football is fantastic. But he needs to win that trophy. A Champions League, a Premier League, they are the super managers, the ones that win those trophies. So, fingers crossed that they do win it, if Man Utd can’t, which I don’t think they can, because I’d rather have that for the Premier League.”