Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has insisted that all Manchester United need to win the premier league title next season is to buy three more players. Hence, the retired Right-Back has insisted that the club does not require another overhaul which they experienced last summer.

After the way United have been playing so far this season, many were suggesting that the club require another complete change this summer if they are to ever cement themselves at the top of the table or somewhere near the top.

However, with the way the players have clicked recently, experts such as Gary Neville believe that the club is going in the right direction by possessing good players in most of the position, hence a total overhaul is not required.

The former England international has said the Reds require only three more players to help them regain supremacy in the league. Infact he went on to identify the three areas of the pitch which United need to strengthen – central defence, central midfield and a winger.

However, Neville himself accepted that if the same question was directed to him few months ago, his answer would have been different to the one he gave now. “If you asked me three months ago, I would have said [United] were a long way behind,” he said, according to Manchester Evening News.

“Two or three months ago, they would have been thinking Chelsea are a long way in front of us. Now the recruitment battle that will happen in the summer becomes critical. If they get that right, United will feel confident they can challenge Chelsea for the title next season.”

“I don’t think this summer is a case of United rebuilding or total restructure of the squad. They need to continue to improve in two or three positions: a central defender, a midfielder and a winger.”

He also added this summer the club should trade properly in both buying and selling rather than paying huge millions of buying alone. “It is a case of trading well, rather than wholesale buying. I don’t expect another £150 million spend I don’t think it is required” Neville said.


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