Marko Grujic, the young Serb has reportedly sealed a move to Anfield and looks to leave his native Serbia even as his father is adamant that his son should stay put for the potential lack of chances at the Merseyside club. This comes as a blow to Chelsea as they had him in their crosshairs for a long time now.

It is expected that Grujic will be given the number 8 jersey, which was previously worn by Steven Gerrard.

The fact that he was a target was known to his international teammate Matic who had indicated Chelsea’s interest to the confident young player.

“Nemanja Matic is a friend, he’s Serbian and he has been at Chelsea for over a year. He tells me that they want me.”

Even after knowing that, he considered the playing time he would receive at the London club and has seemingly decided against it in the immediate future although he harbours hopes to play for the Pensioners eventually.

“Patience is really important for my career. Some of my peers have decided to leave their respective clubs, while I decided to stay and this turned out to be the right move for me.”

“I never doubted my decision to stay in Red Star. This choice could help my future growth, when I move abroad one day.”

“I had a very tempting offer that was hard to refuse when things here at the Red Star were going badly, but now things have improved. I hope one day to play at Chelsea or Barcelona, but not immediately.”

He seems to have backed up his words with a transfer to Klopp’s army and looks to emulate players like Mascherano or Torres to turn up at Barcelona or Chelsea via the Afield club in the future.

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