Football WAGs play a very important role – they look as good as their husbands’ / boyfriends’ football skills. But everyone focuses only on what it takes to become a top footballer. No one asks what it takes to become a top WAG.

Until today. Here is our very own tongue in cheek guide to becoming a successful Football WAG:

Appear on a reality show. Reject any show which requires you to have any talent at all.


Look really really good, or spend all your money on silicone, cosmetics and makeovers. When you’re finished, you should make beauty queens look like politicians.


Appear in photoshoots for a glamour magazine. Tell the photographer that you are phobic to wearing clothes. He will be only too happy to indulge you.


Meet a successful footballer. Go to every after party in the country, and ensure that your phobia alluded to in the previous point is still in force.



Once you’ve got to know one, practice WAG skills. Learn to look interested when someone is talking about football tactics for one hour straight, and learn enough about football so he won’t dump you.


If your initial efforts to land a footballer are not successful, appear in a sex tape. Even if you don’t become a WAG soon (and chances are you will), an invite to Big Brother is guaranteed.

Disclaimer – This article is meant in a light-hearted spirit and does not intend to hurt or disrespect anyone in any sort of way and should be taken in the same zest 


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