Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he has no plans of ending his managerial career at Chelsea.

Chelsea are currently struggling in their title defending campaign this season. They are at the bottom half of the table very near to relegation zone. Their performance has been extremely below par and for obvious reasons manager Jose Mourinho is under pressure.

The Premier League was halted for a week due to the international break and it will resume this weekend.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Jose Mourinho’s future at the club keeping in mind Chelsea previous track record. It has been reported several times and questions have been raised regarding Mourinho’s future at the club.

The Portuguese manager recently attended an event of the launch of his new book, Mourinho, where he spoke about his future plans and suggested a return to Inter Milan, where he managed between 2008 and 2010, could be an option for him.

He was quoted: “Inter was truly special for me.

“Would I return? I don’t know. It’s difficult to say because right now if you asked me how many years I will continue to manage, I’d say another 15 years.

“I am more or less in the middle of my career now, because I’ve had 15 years and in another 15 I’d be 67 years old.

“I think it would be acceptable to have another 15 years. Would I stay another 15 years at Chelsea?

“I doubt it, because modern football would not allow it. Therefore I won’t end my career at Chelsea, even if I’d like to.”

Jose Mourinho has clearly stated that he has plans of managing clubs for another 15 years. It is kind of impossible that he would stay at Chelsea for the next 15 seasons. So it can be apprehended easily that Chelsea is not the end of the road for Jose Mourinho. 

The manager have achieved everything including winning treble twice at FC Porto and Inter Milan. He has won the league title in all the four countries he has vistited in his career. At Portugal with FC Porto, at England with Chelsea FC, at Spain with Real Madrid and at Italy with Inter Milan.

Even though he has bright resume under his belt but he has never stuck to a particular club for more than 3 seasons. This season Mourinho’s third in the second stint.

We will eagerly wait about Jose Mourinho’s future planning.



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