'I'm Mesut Ozil and I'm not finished yet', says Arsenal's playmaker

‘I’m Mesut Ozil and I’m Not Finished Yet’

Mesut Ozil, Arsenal
Mesut Ozil says he wants to leave his mark in the English football. Image Courtesy: Getty

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil, who scored a goal against Newcastle United on Saturday wants to make his mark in the English football. Despite being compared to the club’s legend, Dennis Bergkamp, he wants to get remembered only by his name.

Ozil is determined to make his mark in the English football.

After spending some tough time at the FIFA World Cup in Russia and facing several controversies, Mesut Ozil is back in action and currently is having a good time with the Gunners.

The playmaker has appreciated the Arsenal fans for always supporting him and insisted he is now out again to prove his worth. Ozil told the club’s official website,

“The fans have backed me ever since I arrived five years ago and because of that, I’ve been able to play in my preferred style. I always want to control the game, give assists and help my team. It was like that with me from the start. In my position, you have many possibilities playing forward. You can demand the balls, make telling passes or score yourself.”

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil says he wants to leave his mark in the English football. Image Courtesy: Getty

The former Germany player also revealed he feels honoured to get compared with Bergkamp. However, he doesn’t want to get compared to anybody.

“I’ve been told so many times over the years that this is how Bergkamp played. Of course, that makes me proud, and it is an honour to be compared with him. Bergkamp is a living legend at Arsenal, and he was an amazing football player.  But I do not want to compare myself with anybody. I have my own style, and I’ve had it since I was a kid. I am proud of these comparisons, but I am Mesut Ozil, and I’m not finished yet.”


While most of the players love to score and are hungry for goals, Ozil loves to provide assists. The player finally revealed why he likes to give passes.

“Most kids only enjoy scoring goals but ever since I was young, I’ve always loved to give assists. Why? It’s simple really. Through giving an assist, your friend can score and you help your team. Whenever I receive the ball, I always think offensively so I can pick out chances to score a goal or assist someone.”

“That’s why it’s normal for me to always get the ball and play it forwards. In my opinion, a creative player should always have fun on the pitch and should trust their playing style in order to help the team. I’ve been playing this way my whole life, which is why I still enjoy giving my team-mates assists to this day.”

Arsenal will play Everton in their next league game before they face Vorskia in Europa League on Thursday.