ISIS thugs massacre 14 Real Madrid fans in a savage gun attack: “They don’t like football, they think it’s anti-Muslim”

Indranil Bhattacharya / 13 May 2016

ISIS thugs have massacred 14 Real Madrid fans in a savage gun attack on a supporters’ club.

At least 20 people got injured in the attack in Samarra, which is 77 miles north of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, reports The Sun.

These horrible images are the proof of the incident, and they display clearly how the club’s floor is covered in blood. 50 Real Madrid fans had gathered to have coffee while watching old recordings of Real Madrid’s glorious matches, but after a sudden break in of three gunmen, armed with AK-47, the whole scenario changed in seconds.

Real Madrid supporters club’s president in Samarra, Ziad Subhan, said: “A group of Islamic terrorists, from ISIS, came into the café, armed with AK-47s, shooting at random at everyone who was inside”.

When Ziad was asked about the motive for the attack, he replied: “They don’t like football, they think it’s anti-Muslim.

“They just carry out attacks like this. This is a terrible tragedy”.

After the brutal assassination, the gunmen left the place and a few hours later one of them exploded his explosive vest at a vegetable market, which was close to the scenario.

Four lives were taken away and two person are critically injured in that attack, said the medical sources.

On Friday morning a Reuters witness saw a body hanging upside down outside the café, the body was scorched and the witness identified him as a suspected assailant. The residents said they had captured the man from a house nearby, where he went after the attack. They said that as soon as the captured assailant confessed his sin, they had burned him alive. An intelligence official confirmed this horrific incident.

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