It is a well-known fact that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho has a strained relationship and the Portuguese has not lost to Wenger in 13 matches since he arrived to EPL in 2004. Even before the 2015-16 season started, the war of words between the two already started as Mourinho had a verbal joust this week with Wenger over spending, said of that 13 game record: “I would ask myself ‘why?’. I would to try to find an answer – not because of a mental block but because I would want to try to find solutions to help my team. Try to find different way, to find the reason why it goes against my team all the time.

Mourinho also had a jibe at Wenger over his Head-to-Head record as he went on to say that even Tony Pulis has defeated him twice but not Wenger. He said: I have not had a run like that against another manager. I don’t know about the future. I have lost twice against Tony Pulis, once when he was at Crystal Palace and once against West Bromwich.”

When asked about the Head-to-Head between him and Wenger affect the outcome of the next match, Mourinho said that he does not care about the past and he just thinks about the game that is in front of him. He said that winning six or nine matches doesn’t make any difference and it does not have an effect on the next game. Winning the next match matters for Mourinho as he quoted

“But I don’t think about what has happened before, I just think about the game. For me, six, seven, eight or nine matches without losing makes no difference, and does not affect this game. There is no relation with what happened before.”

Mourinho also said what he usually does before facing Wenger. He said that he tries to understand what Wenger thinks and what his game play will be.

“I never thought about the differences between us. I don’t think about it until about a couple of weeks before I play his team. I try to understand what he is thinking, what is his game plan,” Mourinho said.


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