Eleven year old Irish-born prodigy, Zak Gilsenan has impressed a lot of major European clubs with his remarkable talent. And according to today’s Star report, Liverpool is his club of choice since his family is moving to England.

Zak, whose family is originally from Castleknock is staying in Australia. He first made headlines when he scored seven goals at the age of nine during a trial game at Barcelona, after which he got in the same academy which produced great players such as Lionel Messi.

Gilsenan’s father Stephen said: “We were living in Australia when Zak was spotted by Spurs, who were running football camps over there. We came home with the intention of letting Zak go to Spurs, but in the meantime we had a call from Barcelona.


 Zak with his father Stephen

“One of their former players saw him playing in Oz and recommended him. They offered Zak a trial in May and it was a great experience. It consisted of over 400 boys from all over the world. He was asked back in June when it was cut down to 90.

“Then in a match between the top 16 players, Zak just ran riot and scored seven goals. He was phenomenal. Then we heard back two weeks ago and they offered him a spot.”

With many Premier League clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea and major European clubs also interested to sign the Irish boy wonder, looks like the Merseyside has won the race of signing the Irish Messi .


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