Liverpool striker and the England international striker Daniel Sturridge revealed he is a hardcore professional wrestling fan. Sturridge scored twenty goals in the league and twenty three goals in total for his team season said that he admires The Undertaker as his hero, Sturridge revealed from his very childhood he admired the Undertaker as his idol and no football stars. He also said that deep down under his heart he had a wish to become a WWE superstar.


‘Football is what I’ve always wanted to do but I did love wrestling when I was younger.

Obviously it wasn’t something I really could’ve done (as a career).

‘The Undertaker was my favorite one (wrestler) because he was the scariest at the time with his music, the darkness and the way he’d come out of the ring.

Sturridge added; ‘I’ve got a recent picture of me wearing an outfit and someone has put me next to The Undertaker. I’ve also got a picture of myself wearing an Undertaker t-shirt from when I was a kid.’

‘I would have the hair, the hat, the long jacket and probably the wrestling pumps. I would even wear the pants over the top of the trousers too.’

The Liverpool manager Brendon Rodgers said that he will celebrate a fancy dress party with his players of the team at the end of the season. The England international striker has already decided to dress as his favorite WWE superstar.

The Dead Man will defend his 21 – 0 unbeaten streak at WrestleMania XXX on April 5th against the Beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. F\Professional wrestling fans world wide are noticed saying all over the social media that his might be the end of the twenty three years old undefeated streak of Phenom. But the former Chelsea man Daniel Sturridge is hopeful that his favorite superstar will defend his streak successfully at the Grandest Stage of them all to make the equation 22 – 0.

Liverpool have a chance of winning the league this season after twenty four long years. The last time Liverpool edged so close of the premier league title was five years ago on the 2008 – 09 season under the reign of the Spanish boss Rafa Benitez. Nobody expected Liverpool to play this much good in this season. If Liverpool win the league, Daniel Sturridge would be one of the most important to serve his team with the league title. We hope the Undertaker and Daniel Sturridge will get what they actually deserve at the end.


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