Manchester United’s image has been tarnished by one of their highly paid stars as a female fitness instructor Sarah Watson has decided to come out and share her unpleasant experience that she was involved in an uncomforting act of Sex, Blackmail and Jail threat.

The incidence in question is the Christmas party for Manchester United players last December where the 34-year-old fitness instructor was approached by Marcos Rojo’s representatives to join him and the players at the party.

Sarah Watson recalls her first interaction with Rojo and says: ‘He came over to me and sat down. His English was quite bad but he was chatty and said nice things to me about how I looked and how he liked my Versace dress.”

The two struck some chemistry and exchanged numbers, which led to a 2 AM text and an invite to his person party from Rojo saying: “My love, where are you?” Watson revealed that it came as a surprise and an ego boost for her and she decided to accept the invite and join him at the party.

Sarah was in for more shock when she arrived at the party where one of the key character from the story Kristian Bereit offered Sarah £10,000 to sleep with Rojo. Understandably, it provoked her and she flipped by saying I am not a prostitute”, but still decided to go ahead and sleep with Rojo as she claimed to be attracted by Rojo’s dusky looks.

Sarah knew that the pair might never meet again but their conversation continued for over 3 months but it hit a bad turn when Rojo texted pictures of himself lying naked in his bed. Sarah decided not to reply to the texts as she knew Rojo had a wife and a kid.

Sarah’s silence and story came to light when one of the local Manchester tabloid Red-top approached her to cover the story and offered £30,000 in return. Sarah decided to go ahead and share her rather uncomforting 3 month’s association with Marcos Rojo but that is when trouble started for the 34-year-old Sarah Watson.

The tabloid contacted Manchester United for an official statement and it all came back to Sarah where many of the club officials, legal advisers and Kristian Bereit threatened Sarah and came with a deal of dropping the story by accepting a compensation of £100k in return.

Sarah Watson thought of making the wise move by accepting the money but had no idea that she was to be depicted in court – and in the national press – as a scheming blackmailer who demanded £100,000 to keep quiet about the affair.

Sarah felt betrayed and in a desperation to clear her name, she decided to fight the allegations put on her by appealing to the court. Since the facts and story was in Sarah’s favour, her name was cleared by Mr Justice Warby, who dismissed the blackmail allegation had denied Marcos Rojo any permission to appeal.

After the verdict, Sarah felt vindicated and lashed out at the financial might of Manchester United claiming that the club and its officials decided to bully her using her financial injunctions. Sarah once again admitted to have slept with Marco Rojo, but for fun and not for money.

Sarah said: ‘I am not proud of what I did, but I’m a single woman and I was just having a good time. I probably showed poor judgment on the night, but I did not deserve what they put me through.”

This story has yet put a big question mark over the off-field life of the professional footballers, where these over-paid youngsters demean the stature of club they are associated with and such dirty acts ultimately come back to tarnish the image of the football club.

Manchester United are yet to provide any statements on the issue and have Marco Rojo unavailable for any interview in near future. As for Rojo it was normal business as he walked on the pitch against Aston Villa and came away with a 3-1 victory which saw both his wife and kid in attendance.

Quotes Credits: Dailymail

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