Manchester United legend Gary Neville talks in his first press conference as Valencia manager

Nitish / 03 December 2015

Ex England and Manchester United right-back Gary Neville was named the new manager of La Liga giants Valencia recently, along with his younger brother Phil named as his assistant. The duo will now look to
handle things at the Spanish outfit till the end of the season at least and can hopefully make a difference with the club currently at 9th place in the league table in Spain. Both the brothers were in Manchester as
players during the Sir Alex Ferguson era and have seen a lot of success during their time with the Premier League giants.

It would be quite interesting to see what kind of a difference the duo can now make in the style of play at the club and whether they can get the desired results or not in the upcoming days.

Gary spoke to the media about quite a few topics, earlier in the day and he started off by saying, “We have big games coming up and at the moment the most important thing is to win games regardless of style.”

“I’m very aware of the traditions and how they play.”

“The only way to approach a football job will be as if it’s a permanent job.”

“My family will move over to Valencia. I want to show commitment to the city & immerse myself in the culture.”

“My girls finish school in Manchester in two weeks and move over to Valencia.”

“When I received the call on Sunday evening, I thought what a club, what an opportunity, what a challenge.”

“Sitting on television, talking about coaches for these last few years, the time had come for me to stand up.”

“Spanish will be my biggest challenge. I will take lessons every day.”

“If Phil wasn’t here I would want him here. He’s diligent, hard-working – I’m delighted he’s part of the set-up.”

“We don’t do niceties and we talk about actions and what we’re going to do.”

“In terms of advice Philip and Angulo form part of the coaching team – it certainly won’t be a dictatorial approach.”

“I’m not going to insult Valencia by telling them I’m coming over here and playing football like Manchester United.”

“Every coach has to play attacking football and defensive football but the challenge I have is to win.”

Further talking about the upcoming fixture against Barcelona, he stated, “We decided earlier in the week it was too soon, too unprofessional to come in the day before.”

“When I spoke to Roy Hodgson he was incredibly supportive and he understood completely the opportunity for myself.”

“I want people to know that Valencia is my priority 95-99% of the time.”

“We all have ambitions, we all have dreams.”

“We’ve all seen inexperienced coaches succeed and experienced coaches fail. There is no magic formula.”

“I only know one way & that is to expect to win every match. It’s the absolute minimum expectation of every fan.”

“The fans here are demanding but they should be demanding. It’s a fantastic football club.”

“I have confidence in myself and my understanding of the game. My belief is strong.”

“I talked to him (Fergie) afterwards and he gave me words of encouragement and support.”

“When I played here it was a horrible place to play for the opposing team. I’ve seen how intimidating it can be.”

“I think a coach or a player talking about anyone other than the people at this club would disgust me.”

“It’s easy to make decisions on young players too soon. I’m very patient.”

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