It is always good to see Premier League managers open up their mind on the challenges of the league, speaking to media.

And Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho did exactly that recently when he spoke to France Football, where he opened up about a variety of topics about the club and his personal life. Here is a peek into this entire interview:

Speaking about the lack of a chance to win the league title Mourinho felt that it was important for Manchester United to win the title under him to become all the more dangerous.

‘Titles, victories, are the best way to educate a group of players, to change mentalities,’ he said talking about his situation at the club currently.

He went on to reveal that he is an honest person and that it is the reason why he attracts a lot of responsibility.

‘The problem is that I attract responsibility, challenges, expectations. That is my way of being. I never hide. I am a direct person, who says things as they are, he said.

He also spoke about the EPL becoming a financial superpower and felt that it will be hard for his side in the future to sign players from the clubs in the league.

‘The scenery has changed. If I want to buy a player from Tottenham, I can’t. Nor can I buy a player from Manchester City or Arsenal. That was not the case before. At Chelsea, I brought in Shaun Wright-Phillips, who was the best player at Manchester City or Ashley Cole from Arsenal,’ he said.

‘Take the example of Bayern in Germany. You know when they started winning the title every year? When, the summer before, they bought Borussia Dortmund’s best player! Götze, then Lewandowski the following year, then Hummels last year.’

No club in England, whether it is Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City can dominate in a permanent way. Power has been divided. Everything is more difficult: buying, winning, building,’ he added.

‘Manchester United have been criticized for lack of excitement in their play but Mourinho defended his side and went on to say, They were not happy with the way in which the team was playing, the approach, the style of play, and they would leave the stadium ten minutes before the end. They needed to come back in our direction. It was difficult because we had to coincide the team’s style with results.’

And even when we had our four-match run of draws at home, that was the case. Against Burnley, we beat the record for a number of shots in a Premier League match (37). That means that we were restoring the attacking style of Manchester United. What the fans wanted to have,’ he added.

He also felt that it will be difficult for any manager to repeat the legacy that Arsene Wenger had at the Emirates. He felt that there will not be a manager in the future who can stay at a club for more than a decade.

‘I don’t think so. Wenger will be the last one. When he leaves Arsenal, we won’t see again, in the decade that follows, a manager staying in the same club for more than seven years, ok, maximum ten. It has become impossible. Not just because of the profile of the clubs but also because of the profile of the managers,’ Mourinho said.

These comments were just half of his entire interview. You can read the entire transcript here


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