Manchester United looked to deliver Guus Hiddink’s first defeat in his second stint as the Blues manager, but second-half substitute Memphis Depay conceded possession in the injury time, prompting a Chelsea counter that ultimately led to a Diego Costa equaliser.

Louis van Gaal has been getting a lot of stick; his £19million winger ensured he could not revive his side, with a single misplaced pass. The Dutch manager censured his countryman in a post match interview with Geoff Shreeves stating that he was merely kicking about without motive though he did not name him.

“You have to keep the ball and be composed when you defend also, ” told the former Barcelona manager. “You are not kicking the ball away without any meaning. A lot of times you can control the ball and play the ball. With defensive organisation you have to be composed. It’s unbelievable.”

The Red Devils faithful, however, have gone the extra mile, labeling him an incompetent footballer on his Wikipedia page. Though it sounds a bit harsh, it stresses upon the unrest amongst the fanbase, whose contentment vanished with the departure of Alex Ferguson.

The 21-year-old has previously floundered against Stoke City and Newcastle United. Given his tender age, he could still deliver at Old Trafford, but his frequent errors often make him seem the second coming of Anderson Oliveira. Furthermore, his appalling work rate and inability to break into the starting eleven during arguably the worst period in the club’s recent history only seem to bring his Manchester United career to a premature end.

Manchester United travel to Sunderland this weekend and should embark on a winning run in order to seal Champions League qualification next season. Though their manager will likely be relieved of his duties by the end of this season, he will look to end his Manchester career on a high.


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