Chelsea FC picked up their maiden win of the season as they edged past West Bromwich Albion 3-2 at the Hawthorns Stadium. Former Barcelona winger Pedro Rodriguez scored in his debut game for Chelsea after joining the side just 2 days back.

The only ugly incident which happened today was John Terry’s red card in the second half which once again reduced Chelsea to 10 men. Also Terry’s dismissal near costed Chelsea 3points as they conceded two goals in the second half and Thibaut Courtois saved a penalty.

After the speaking to the media Jose Mourinho hailed Pedro’s inspiring performance. Mourinho said: ‘He’s a very good player. There is always a question mark because of how many top players come to England and don’t perform immediately.

‘We have examples in our club and there are lots of examples at other clubs, so it’s very nice for him to come and straight away perform the way he did.

‘I expected him to perform like that because he had a good pre-season, and he played three competitive matches. He came with minutes, with intensity, so it was not a question of intensity and condition, it was a question of understanding.

‘We worked tactically every day since he arrived for him to try to understand the team and for the team to try to understand what he wants and needs. It was a very good performance.’

Speaking about the win Mourinho added: ‘We deserved it. It was difficult but we deserved it. 3-1 was short with 11 against 11, and with the chances we created, the space we found, and the way we attacked their defensive line.

‘Then with one player less – we are getting experience of that – we adapted well but they scored to make it 3-2. We had the best chances to score the next goal.

‘I’m happy we controlled the game well, and I’m happy with the spirit because the players really wanted to win.’

John Terry incident was uncalled for from Chelsea’s point of view but manager Jose Mourinho completely ignore the issue when asked by the media. He said: ‘I prefer to focus on us. To speak about the sending off I have to speak about many other things in the game – some you can see, others we can see, so many things.

‘I have to do what is in my hands which is to train. We have to train 10 against 11. We have done it a couple of times already in Canada. We have to do it more because we have to know what to do with 10 men when you are winning, or losing, or chasing a result.

‘The difference between today and Swansea was exactly that. Against Swansea we had 10 and we wanted to change the result, and today we had 10 and we wanted to keep the result. We must have clear ideas about it so it’s something we have to do in training, and that is the only thing in our hands.’


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