Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Marco Reus both have been on fire this season for Borussia Dortmund, with Aubameyang scoring 17 goals in 13 games and Reus scoring 9.

But, they have just shown on Instagram they have the gift of the gab too.

Reus and Aubameyang have mocked Manchester United loanee Adnan Januzaj on Instagram.

Aubameyang and Reus have photo-shopped Januzaj’s head onto a young ball boy.

This mocking was certainly not in any bad means,as they mocked Januzaj for being young.

The trolling started when Aubameyang posted this picture on his instagram page,which showed Januzaj’s face onto a young BVB mascot,with the caption ”no comments ”

Reus also took part in poking fun by posting the same picture on his instagram page ,with the caption ”Kids,can I have your jersey”.

The fun was not limited for Adnan only,the BVB attacker duo didn’t spare their player Weigl too.

They also put Weigl’s face onto a young ball boy.

The mocking of the two midfielders was done in a jovial manner with a dig at their tender age.


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