Roy Keane has hit out at Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho calling him a disgrace as the latter tried to shake his hand with a few minutes still left to play in Aston Villa’s 3-0 loss at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking at the official launch of his autobiography, ‘Second Half’, the former Manchester United midfielder was asked about the unsavoury incident which was demeaning to both the manager Paul Lambert as well as his assistant Roy Keane.

Keane said that he didn’t mind Jose Mourinho’s mind games but felt offended by the Portuguese’s behaviour and claimed that he was lucky to escape. 

“I don’t mind all that [Mourinho mind games] but the game is still going on,” said Keane. “It’s disgraceful, I’ve seen him doing it to other managers, and it is a disgrace. The game is still going on. You wouldn’t do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out.” 

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