Wenger could be axed
Wenger could be axed

Wenger’s men managed to keep their faltering title bid alive by picking up a 2-2 draw against Tottenham on Sunday, but the alarming fact is that they are without a win in last four games.

And now the Daily Express make an outrageous claim, the Arsenal hierarchy are believed to be seriously considering sacking the veteran French manager, and will also decide to take the final call if they lose to Hull City.

Arsenal will play the Championship team on Tuesday in an FA Cup replay, and a shock defeat would certainly see the club’s board finally push Wenger out this summer.

Many say the club have one of the largest cash reserves in modern day football and whoever is in charge next season will have big money to spend in the transfer market.

The Gunners seems all but certain to miss out on the Premier League crown once again despite this season being one of their best chances in recent years.

It now leaves serious question marks over Arsene Wenger and his future at the Emirates. Is he still the right person to lead Arsenal? Many fans actually not interested to discuss it, and while he is still clearly a good manager, his failures are loud and clear to see and are to some extent harming the club.

You can always predict an Arsenal season before it even begun. Key areas of the squad would not be addressed in the summer, before a positive start ends up falling apart breaking thousands of hearts through injuries and they ultimately blow their chance.

Critics say, Wenger just doesn’t want to learn from his past mistakes; it may be sticking with rubbish players, not buying a holding midfielder or even tactical errors. It always looks to be somebody else’s fault and he is far too stubborn to confess he did not get it right and has the knack to prove doubters wrong.

Sometimes players need to be shaken up and told they are making mistakes and letting the team down in the process.

But surprisingly even after heavy defeats Wenger would not slam the players and gives deluded quotes claiming they ‘gave everything’ and uses carzy phrases like ‘we played with the handbrake on’. But why? Just try to be honest about bad performances. The fans find it hard to take when it seems like he is actually letting the players get away with not being bothered and it has gone on too long.

Also the players don’t seem to believe him and this is the most concerning part.

In crucial matches against Manchester United and then the must-win encounter with Swansea, the players didn’t seem even bothered.

Getting them fired up and going for the kill is the job of a manager but the players don’t look to have the mentality to fight for him anymore and that’s certainly worrying.

Arsenal’s players always claim there is good spirit among them so it can only guide us to think they don’t want to do it for the current manager. So is it time to go?
Getting them fired up and going for it is the job of the manager but the players don’t seem to want to fight for him anymore and that’s worrying.

Arsenal’s players say there is good spirit among them so it can only lead us to believe they don’t want to do it for the manager. Surely it’s time to go?




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