So its official, Hector Bellerin of Arsenal is actually faster than Usain Bolt – at least in terms of 40 metres.

When Bellerin beat longstanding sprint record of Theo Walcott with a 40 metre sprint time of astonishing 4.41 seconds, many suggested that Bellerin was definitely quicker than Lightning Bolt.

However, many high-profile athletes didn’t welcome the suggestion, but BBC is now confirming that Arsenal defender Bellerin’s sprint time is actually quicker than Usain Bolt’s first 40m when he made his 100 metre world record in 2009 with an amazing time of 9.58 seconds.

But the Spaniard does not think that he could beat Bolt in any race.

In BBC’s Football Focus Show Bellerin said, ‘Well I obviously I’d fancy it but there’s nothing I think I could do. Obviously he’s a sprinter and he’s the fastest man in the world.’ 

‘I know I’ve seen a lot of people saying I’m faster than him but it’s always different with a ball at your feet and that’s what my job is about so I would not try and beat him.’

Obviously, Bellerin cannot see off Bolt in a 100m sprint – if he was able to do that, then he would be in the wrong sport, that’s for sure. But nobody can deny the fact; the Spaniard’s 40m time is much quicker than the first 40m of Bolt’s famous world record sprint.

The biomechanical analysis published by IAAF after the race in 2009 says, Usain Bolt clocked 4.64 seconds for his first 40m which is 0.23 seconds slower than Hector Bellerin.

Although there are some facts that are going against the Arsenal defender like Bolt’s time comes from a proper standing start, and also he doesn’t reach the top speed until around 40m into the race. Comparing to that, Bellerin’s time, may have come from running start, which will rather give Bolt the chance to catch up later.

We should also keep in mind, Bolt ran the next 40 metre of that 2009 race in an amazingly fast 3.28 seconds, which Bellerin obviously wouldn’t be able to contend with.

But, we would still like to see them race together, but may be only both of them had a ball at the feet.



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